This is an open experimental platform that uses synthetic data to simulate the interactions available to application developers and beneficiaries on the production CMS Bluebutton api platform.

Data stored on this system can be deleted, or reset, at any time.

Using this test service requires two types of account:

  • Developer
  • Beneficiary
  • Overview of the signup process

    • Create your developer account: Get your developer invitation
    • Activate your developer account
    • You will recieve a series of emails. An Activation Email will provide an authorization code. Use this to create your Developer account.
    • After Creating your account you will receive an email with an activation link. Use the Activation link to activate your account.
    • You will now be able to login to your developer account.
    • Use your Developer account to register an application.

    User accounts

    • Testing your application needs access to user accounts.
    • You can create a user account by selecting "Request an Invite" in the Account Drop Down menu.
    • you will receive a series of emails that let you create a user account.
    • Once the user account is activated you need to populate the accounnt with claims data.