A New Generation of Blue Button

Put your health information to work for you, or donate it to research

CMS and MyMedicare.gov introduces a new, advanced Blue Button service: The CMS Blue Button API (Application Programming Interface. It complements the existing Blue Button Text and PDF file download options.
The new service is a programmable interface. It enables organizations to create web and mobile applications that help you manage your health information. This lets you choose which applications you want to share your Medicare claims data with.
Once you choose to share with an application it does all the hard work of downloading and understanding your data. This can be done automatically for you so that your information is ready when you need it.
The CMS Blue Button API lets you share information without having to share your password. Each application is given a unique key that you control. You can delete that key at any time. Just login to MyMedicare.gov, access the "Connected Apps" panel in "My Account" and remove the key and data stops flowing to the disconnected application.

What is an API?

Application Programming Interface: It is toolset that software developers use to create smartphone, web and other applications. The API defines how to interact with a system or service. Modern applications, Like this one, use hundreds of APIs to simplify the creation of applications.

By publishing your information via an API we are making it easier for software developers to create solutions and services that help you make sense of and put your claims data to help you live healthier.