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Why use the Advanced CMS Blue Button API?

The CMS Blue Button API (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy for you to send your claims information to applications, services or research programs that YOU trust.

Your Information is easier to use

We have enhanced security while making it easier to put your information to work. Use it to help manage your health using tools and applications that work for you.

Improve the security of your data

Do you want better security for your information? Choose to connect your mobile phone to your account. Then enter the pin code that is sent to your mobile phone whenever you login to the Blue Button service.

Powerful technology working for you

Under the hood the technology is designed to make it easier for application developers to work with the information you authorize them to receive. This lets them create applications that are useful to you.


Are you an Innovative Software Developer?

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Check out the Introduction for Developers and learn how you can enable Medicare Beneficiaries to connect their claims information to your application, service or research program. Use the CMS Blue Button API to create applications that empower our beneficiaries to live better because your innovative ideas put their data to work.